A1-21    Act I Opening  Parts 1-8  Narrator, Jack, Baker, Baker's Wife, Stepmother,
Florinda, Lucinda, Jack's Mother, Little Red, Witch,
Cinderella, Cinderella's Father

B21-24  Act I Opening  Part 9    ALL (except Princes)

C24-27Cinderella at the Grave   Cinderella, Cinderella's Mother, (Narrator), Jack,
  Mysterious Man

D27-30Hello Little GirlLittle Red, Wolf

E31-38After Hello Little GirlBaker, Witch, (Rapunzel), Baker's Wife, Jack
  I Guess This is Goodbye
  Maybe They're Magic

F38-42Our Little World(Narrator), Witch, Rapunzel, (Rapunzel's Prince)

G42-49Baker's RepriseBaker, Little Red, (Witch), Narrator, Wolf, Granny
   I Know Things Now

H49<none> Jack, Jack's Mother, Narrator

I49-54 A Very Nice PrinceCinderella, Baker's Wife, Steward, Cinderella's Prince

J54-58First Midnight  ALL

K      59-65Giants in the Sky     Jack, Baker, Mysterious Man, Witch, Baker's Wife

L65-69Agony    Rapunzel's Prince, Cinderella's Prince, Baker's Wife

M69-74A Very Nice Prince (Rep)     Jack's Mother, Baker's Wife, Baker, Mysterious Man, Witch,
      Cinderella, Steward, Cinderella's Prince

N74-78It Takes Two  Lucinda, Florinda, Stepmother, Baker, Baker's Wife

O78-82Second Midnight   Jack, Baker, Baker's Wife, Witch, Cinderella,
       Cinderella's Prince, Rapunzel's Prince, Stepmother, Florinda,
Lucinda, Granny

P82-88Stay With MeNarrator, Baker, Baker's Wife, Rapunzel, Witch,
Mysterious Man, Jack, Little Red

Q88-100On the Steps of the Palace  Cinderella, Baker's Wife, Steward, Mysterious Man,
Cinderella's Prince, Jack, Jack's Mother, Witch

R101-111Act I FinaleAll


AA112-129Act II Opening Cinderella, Narrator, Jack, Jack's Mother, Baker,
Baker's Wife, Florinda, Lucinda, Stepmother,
Cinderella's Father, Harp

BB130<none>  Witch, Rapunzel

CC130-134Agony (Reprise)Cinderella's Prince, Rapunzel's Prince, Snow White,
Sleeping Beauty, Dwarf

DD134-150Witch's LamentALL except characters from CC

EE150-157Any Moment   Baker's Wife, Cinderella's Prince, Baker, Cinderella
Moments in the Woods

FF 157-170Your FaultBaker, Little Red, Cinderella, Jack, Witch
Last Midnight

GG170-173No More  Baker, Mysterious Man

HH 173-186No One is Alone     Cinderella, Jack, Little Red, Baker, Cinderella's Prince, Giant

II   186-193Act II Finale     ALL

Rehearsal Schedule

Unless otherwise listed check the Scene Breakdown for which actors are called to each rehearsal.

1/24Monday6:00-6:30 PMBlock C
6:30-7:30 PMBlock D
7:30-9:00 PMBlock L

1/25Tuesday6:00-9:00 PMBlock A

1/26Wednesday3:45-5:45 PMBlock B

1/27Thursday6:00-7:30 PMBlock E
7:30-9:00 PMBlock F, BB

1/31Monday6:00-7:30 PMBlock L
7:30-9:00 PMBlock K

2/1Tuesday6:00-7:30 PMBlock G
7:30-9:00 PMBlock I

2/2Wednesday3:45-5:45 PMBlock J

2/3Thursday6:00-9:00 PMReview A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L

2/7Monday3:45-5:15 PMBlock O
5:15-6:45 PMBlock P

2/8Tuesday6:00-7:30 PMBlock M
7:30-9:00 PMBlock N

2/9Wednesday3:45-5:45 PMBlock Q (band room)

2/10ThursdayNo rehearsal  come to the elementary talent show!

2/11Friday6:00-9:00 PMBlock R

2/14Monday6:00-7:00 PMBlock CC
7:00-9:00 PMBlock EE

2/15Tuesday3:45-6:45 PMReview M, N, O, P, Q, R
(and A through L  time permitting!)

2/16Wednesday3:45-5:45 PMBlock HH

2/17Thursday6:00-9:00 PMBlock AA

2/22Tuesday6:00-9:00 PMBlock DD

2/23Wednesday3:45-5:45 PMALL  Music Review/Block GG

2/24Thursday6:00-9:00 PMBlock II

2/25Friday6:00-9:00 PMBlock FF

2/28Monday6:00-9:00 PMReview/Work A-J

3/1Tuesday6:00-9:00 PMReview/Work K-R

3/2Wednesday3:45-5:45 PMReview/Work AA-II

3/3Thursday6:00-9:00 PMReview/Work Act One  (OFF-BOOK)

3/4Friday6:00-9:00 PMReview/Work Act Two  (OFF-BOOK)

3/5Saturday1:00-4:00 PMFull Run
4:00-???? PMPainting!!!

3/7Monday6:00-9:30 PMFull Run w/ notes

3/8Tuesday5:30-6:30 PMGet into costume, Costume Parade
6:30-9:00 PMRehearsal (Part will be in bandroom)

3/9Wednesday3:45-5:45 PMTBA for problem areas (This WILL be

3/10Thursday5:30-6:00 PMGet into costume; Warm-ups
6:00-9:00 PMDress Rehearsal

3/11Friday5:30-6:00 PMGet into costume; Warm-ups
6:00-9:00 PMDress Rehearsal

3/12Saturday1:00-1:30 PMGet into costume; Warm-ups
1:30-4:30 PMDress Rehearsal with Full Tech

3/13Sunday2:00-5:00 PMTBA  if needed! (Hopefully not)

3/14Monday5:30-6:00 PMGet into costume; Warm-ups
6:00-9:00 PMDress Rehearsal

3/15Tuesday5:30-6:00 PMGet into costume; Warm-ups
6:00-9:00 PMFinal Dress Rehearsal without audience

3/16Wednesday3:30 PMCall
4:30 PMDress Rehearsal with Invited Audience

3/17Thursday6:00 PMCall
7:00 PMOpening Night!

3/18Friday6:00 PMCall
7:00 PMPerformance (Photo Call to follow.)

3/19Saturday6:00 PMCall
7:00 PMFinal Performance!