Actors and actresses,6th – 12th grade,
to play 19 roles. (5 men, 14 women)

(Come to only one!)

Monday, April 11
6:00 PM

Tuesday, April 12
3:45 PM

Auditions last approximately 2 hours.

Your audition will consist of a series of acting activities and readings from the script.  You are NOT required to have a prepared monologue but will be given the opportunity to perform one as part of your audition if you have it.

This will be a very intensive rehearsal process.  Please do not audition if you have other activities that will keep you from attending rehearsals during the month of April.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's this play about anyway?  Well, it's the same story as the famous novel by Louisa May Alcott.  Little Women traces the story of the four March sisters as they grow from teens to young adults.  The play is set in New England during the Civil War.

Do I have to be a little woman to audition?  Uh, no.  There are roles for men too.

Are elementary school actresses playing the March girls?  No, those roles will be cast from middle/high school.

Do I have to know how to sing and dance?  No, this version of Little Women is not a musical.

Will I have to memorize lines quickly?  Yes!  Performers cast in Little Women will be required to go off-book with their lines in approximately two weeks.

When will the cast list be posted?  Wednesday, April 13 in the afternoon.

Where will the cast list be posted?  In all the usual places: the window of the Fine Arts Building lobby, on Mr. Strickland's office door, and on this website.

What characters are in Little Women?  See list below...

In 1889
Mrs. Tomlinson, society lady
Josephine March, a famous author

In 1863-1868

The March Family
Mr. March
Mrs. March (Marmee)
Hannah, their housekeeper
Aunt March, a rich relative

Next Door
Mr. Laurence
John Brooke, a tutor

Also in Town
Mrs. Moffet
Clara, her daughter
Jenny, schoolgirl
Mary, schoolgirl
Sarah, Meg's pupil
Katy, Meg's pupil

In New York City
Mrs. Kirke
Kitty & Minnie, her daughters
Professor Bhaer