Thank you for your patience!

Also, allow me to voice my standard complaint about Mr. Shakespeare.  I love the man’s work. In fact, he is my favorite playwright.  However, for reasons I completely understand, he wrote relatively few women’s roles. The roles he did write are vibrant and powerful, just seriously outnumbered by the men.  Our audition pool, as you know, is the exact opposite.

So once again several of the male roles will be played by ladies.  It is my plan to play these characters as female.

Ladies, I seriously regret not having more extensive roles for you.  There was much excellent work at the auditions that really is not “rewarded” with this casting.  Let’s just say that I have EXTREME confidence in my understudy cast.  Please take the understudy casting as the serious compliment that I intend it to be.  I would not place you in those parts if I was not completely confident in you being able to take over the roles. 

I also plan to make use of many actors for double-casting, building up Orsino’s crew and Olivia’s household.  More on that as we go.

First rehearsal: Tuesday, March 22.  3:45-6:00 PM.

Twelfth Night Cast List

Duke OrsinoJeremy Bullard
ViolaColby Watson
OliviaOlivia Newsome
Sir Toby BelchMichael Bragg
Sir Andrew AguecheekZach Shealy
MariaMeredith Pierce
MalvolioConnor Tolbert
FesteAdriana Figueroa
SebastianMichael Money
AntonioTyler Lewis
FabianKristen Hobbs
Sea CaptainAnna Gainey
ValentineKatie Huggins
CurioLily Garnett
ServantMaisy McDonald
1st OfficerMary Margaret Smith
2nd OfficerMary Lanphier
PriestElizabeth Tate

Orsino’s “Pirate” Crew
Mary Margaret Smith, Mary Lanphier,
Elizabeth Tate, Cecilia Bullard

Attendants to Olivia
Maisy McDonald, Cecilia Bullard

ViolaLily Garnett
Olivia Katie Huggins
MariaMary Margaret Smith
FesteMaisy McDonald
Antonio/FabianMary Lanphier
Sea Captain/ValentineElizabeth Tate
Curio/Officers/ServantCecilia Bullard
Remaining Men’s RolesRobert M. Genesius & TBA