I finally got all of the puzzle pieces to fit together in a way that made me happy!  So, the plan is that for all of the girls playing traditionally male roles, we will be playing them as female.  Take no offense, ladies, if you were cast in a male role -- especially if that has happened to you in other shows.  Take it as the compliment that is truly is - I think you are capable of reinventing a role.  Besides, Shakespeare had men playing all of his roles.  We're just making up for all of that silliness. :-)

We will be having the first rehearsal on TUESDAY, APRIL 2 from 3:45-6:00 PM.  (I know this conflicts with hip hop - Genesis, we'll work something out.)  Due to nearly half of our cast being heavily involved with preparing for Propaganda's competition this week, we will only be rehearsing one other day this week: Thursday, from 6:30-8:30 PM.  Next week we will dive in with rehearsals every day (depending on when your scenes are called.) 

Remember that we will be using a shortened/adapted version of the script, so don't get too attached to lines if you preview using the full script. (Yes, Eliot, some of your lines have already been cut.  Trust me, you'll thank me later.) A few roles are divided up in very cool ways.  Hopefully, this will make the show both easier to learn and more possible to stage in the woods!

By the way, this would have been posted sooner but I had to stop and answer email from Daniel asking what I meant about the show "going to be fun".  Blame him. :-)  In case you're wondering, I'm just excited about working with all of you on Shakespeare.  This is a GREAT cast. 

ALONSO, king of Naples .......Evan Floyd
SEBASTIAN, his brother ......Ben Huggins
PROSPERO, the right duke of Milan ......Eliot Gammons
ANTONIO, his brother, the usurping duke of Milan ......Connor Moore
FERDINAND, son to the king of Naples ......Tyler Perkins
GONZALO, an honest old counselor ......Abigail Dean
CALIBAN, a savage and deformed slave ......Ryann Perkins
BIG TRINCULO, jester ......Sydney Bishop
LITTLE TRINCULO, jester ......Morgan Gleaton
STEPHANO, a drunken butler ......Daniel Cardis
MIRANDA, daughter to Prospero ......Hannah Ferguson
ARIELS - five elemental spirits: 
    FIRE ......Sydney Williams
    WIND ......Ryan Bray
    WATER ......Lily Sue Holcomb
    EARTH ......Wyatt Williams
    ETHER ......Genesis Hammonds
BOATSWAIN ......Wyatt Williams
MARINERS ......Most of the cast not already in Scenes 1 or 2

The Spring Play
by William Shakespeare

Performances: May 2-4, 2019