S  C  H  E  D  U  L  E
11-17Professor, King Seren, Periglio, Keno, Kovar,
King's Court, Statue, Emmi, Briggi, Maxim,
Angelica, Leandro, Larissa, Mistresses of
Shadows, Parrot, Truffles

217-26Parrot, Truffles, Emmi, Periglio, Leandro,
King Seren, King Stag, Second Stag, Maxim,
Old Woman, Kovar, Keno

326-40All except King Stag and Second Stag

Rehearsal Schedule

Unless otherwise listed check the Scene Breakdown for which actors are called to each rehearsal.

9/21Tuesday6:00-8:00 PMCharacter & Table

9/23Thursday6:00-8:00 PMBlock Scene 1

9/28Tuesday6:00-8:00 PMBlock and Review Scene 1

9/30Thursday6:30-8:30 PMBlock Scene 2

10/6Wednesday3:45-5:45 PMBlock Scene 3

10/12Tuesday6:00-8:00 PMReview Scenes 2 & 3

10/13Wednesday3:45-5:45 PMChoreography: Stags

10/14Thursday6:00-9:00 PMReview ALL Scenes

10/19Tuesday6:00-8:00 PMNo rehearsal -- go see
talent show!

10/20  Wednesday3:45-5:45 PMStag & Sword

10/21Thursday6:00-8:00 PMWork ALL scenes. (Attempt OFF BOOK -- not required until next week.)

10/25Monday6:00-9:00 PMFull Run  OFF BOOK!

10/27Wednesday3:45-5:45 PMFull Run  OFF BOOK

10/28Thursday6:00-9:00 PMFull Run, Notes, Scene/Set Painting

You will receive the rest of this schedule after the final determination is made about the location and times of the Regional One-Act Competition.