Congratulations to everyone!  Thank you so much for your patience as I prepared this cast list.  With more than 80 people auditioning, it took me a long time to consider each person’s audition.  There were so many wonderful auditions that it made my job very difficult indeed.  I was able to cast everyone. Hooray! The only auditionees not included in the cast list are the ones who told me after auditions that they did not want to be in the play.  If any of those auditionees have changed their minds since auditions, please let me know quickly and I will work you into the cast.

We will have a meeting after school on Monday, August 23.  All cast members should attend this meeting - with a parent if possible. I will pass out the rehearsal schedule and discuss everything from costumes to tickets.  The meeting will begin at 3:15 PM and will go no later than 4:00 PM.

Robin Hood Cast List

BethEmmie Cate Powell
Mother MegJosie Holcomb
Little JohnBryant Beall
Old WidowSara Parker Ware
Will ScarletDewayne Banks
Robin HoodWill Reeves
Friar TuckJohn Drinkwater

Merry Men and Women (Robin’s Followers)
Natalie Cundiff, Olsen Kate Jones, Catherine Smith, Elizabeth Nelson, Erin Brown, Lindsey Strickland,
Mary Griggers, Riley Warren, Andrei Parrish, Eliot Gammons, Gray Simmons, Jackson McCart, Jacob Miller, Jesse Joiner, John Coleman Tidwell, Josh Raines,
Nathan Smith, Will Ware, Klein Woods

Soldier #1Dalton Cox
Kaspar (Soldier #2)Henry Middlebrooks
Sheriff of NottinghamDylan Bridges

Sheriff of Nottingham’s Soldiers
Hunter Kunzelmann, Patrick Zebell

Lady MerleEvan Correa

Lady Merle’s Ladies-in-Waiting
Madisyn Earls, Caitlin Farr,
Breanna Williams, Mary Bennet Rose

AnnabelDallis Foshee
Maid MarianPorter Bolles
Sheriff of Nottingham’s WifeSadie Frame
Salome, Sheriff ’s DaughterCaylee Ann Sutton
Stranger (King Richard)Benjamin Ryle

Merchants and Entertainers
Caroline Watson, Gracie Rehberg, Haley Harden,
Hannah Ferguson, Karsen Ochs, Kathryn Spinks,
Kirsten Williams, Lindsey Watson, Maddie McClure,
Nicole Parrish, Regan Oliver, Sydney Bishop

Citizens of Nottingham
Anna Grace Reeves, Anna Massey, Austin Emener,
Ben Huggins, Bryce Woods, Cameron Hall, Cassie Sutton, Conner Proctor, Daniel Cardis, Elizabeth Lewis,
Gracie Joiner, Graham Scott, Hannah Elizabeth Abrams, Jacie Cole, Jordan Gorman, Joshua Surles,
Laura Winston Bolles, Madelyn Smallwood,
Madison Stokes, Merit Huggins, Olivia Gardner,
Owen Huggins, Pete Fennell, Riley Davis, Tripp Martin,
Tyler Beach, Will Culberson, Wyatt Wilson