(in order of appearance)

Figure 1Jenni Seale
Figure 2Adriana Figueroa
Figure 3Kaitlin Heath
Figure 4Katie Hall
Figure 5Anna Gainey
Figure 6Elizabeth Clark
Figure 7Caity Marxsen
Figure 8Katie Huggins
Figure 9Anne Strickland
Figure 10Jaime Wilcox
Figure 11Meredith Pierce
Figure 12Lane Letson
Figure 13Kristen Hobbs
Figure 14Anna Daly Bullard
Figure 15Kristen Oetter
Kyle McManusJoseph Whidby
Gladys PushtinAnna Tankard
Rudy PushtinZach Shealy
Mike PushtinChad Gainey
BrendaVictoria Wicker
LeezaMackenzie Scott

Congratulations to all!  I’m looking forward to utilizing the variety of talents of this cast – acting, singing, and dancing – in this challenging piece.  The auditions were uniformly impressive – a huge improvement over the first monologue auditions a few years ago.  First rehearsal: Tuesday, September 11,  5:30 – 7:30 PM.  Please let me know if you cannot attend.