Thanks for waiting, my friends.  I made the mistake of taking my computer with me on the dance team trip without a power cord.  Needless to say, no computing was accomplished!  My apologies for the extra day of suffering.

I was able to cast everyone.  However, I hope that many of you will be willing to serve as understudies for additional roles.  This is an amazing learning experience and a great skill to master.  As many of you know, understudying was how I broke into the world of Equity (professional actor’s union) acting.  I will discuss the understudy cast (and create a list of those interested) more thoroughly at rehearsal.

First rehearsal: Wednesday, March 20.  3:45-5:45 PM


Lear, King of BritainAlex Newberry
Goneril, daughter to LearMary Lanphier
Regan, daughter to LearMackenzie Kortrey
Cordelia, daughter to LearCecilia Bullard
King of France Jacob Cardis
Duke of BurgundySonny Bailey
Duke of Cornwall Nicholas Shealy
Duke of AlbanyNicholas Shao
Earl of GloucesterJ.T. Bloodworth
Edgar, son to GloucesterCullen Cummings
Edmund, son to GloucesterConnor Tolbert
Earl of Kent Richon Watson
FoolMegan Huggins
Oswald, steward to GonerilBriceson Tollison
A Gentlewoman, attendant to CordeliaSydney Bradley
Old Woman, tenant to GloucesterMeghan Chamlee
Curan, a courtier in service to CornwallDylan Bridges
DoctorLindsay Turner

Knights of Lear's train, Officers, Messengers, Soldiers, and Attendants
(These roles, several speaking, will be broken down more specifically at rehearsal.)
Anna Roddenberry, Jacob Cardis , Mary Bennet Rose, Lundy Lader,
Evan Correa, Riley Warren, Kathryn Spinks, Copeland Ammann,
Meghan Chamlee, Madisyn Earls, Dylan Bridges, Lindsay Turner