Thank you so much to everyone for auditioning!  I am constantly amazed at the amount of talent we have at FPD.  You all should be very proud of your performances.  As usual, you made the decisions for me VERY difficult.

Thankfully, I was able to use everyone who auditioned.  Unfortunately, two people never returned signed audition forms to me: #15 from the 3rd & 4th grade audition and #22 from the 5th & 6th grade auditions.  I’m so worried the forms may have been misplaced in the office or forgotten in a book bag.  If you are still interested in being in the show and have not turned in your form, let me know, and I will work you into the cast.  Also, if you turned in your form and are not listed below, let me know!  Everyone was cast, but I may have missed typing someone's name in from my notes.

The first rehearsal will be Monday, August 25 (tomorrow) from 3:15 - 4:00 PM in the auditorium.  Parents are encouraged to attend with their child.  We will be discussing the rehearsal schedule, performances, costumes, and other important things!

Dramatically yours,
Mr. Strickland

And now…the cast list…

Cast of Characters

At the Bazaar

KAMAL, the storytellerHunter Layton
AISHA, servant to the princessCarine Cerny
MINAXI, handmaidenLucy Lawhon
NECVA, handmaidenLexi Paganelli
SHIVANI, handmaidenMary Madison Foshee

Janie Beeland, Sydney Reese, Miranda McCranie, Madison Griffin,
Taylor Garrison, Kathlyn Beall, Rachel Buckland, Sara Lynn Slagle, Elizabeth Reed, Kendall Herron, Brynna Wilson, Emily King

Natalie Cundiff, Emily Rutledge, Ansley Woods, Susanna Adams,
Hannah Pittman, Morgan Mullis, Breanna Williams, Mary Bennet Rose, Anna Coleman, Dallis Foshee, Emmie Cate Powell, Wimberly Thigpin, Mackenzie Johnson, Carli Sutton, Erin Brown, Abbie Burns, Morgan Haney, Mimi Davis, Evan Correa, Caitlin Farr, Mary Griggers,
Josie Holcomb, Catherine Smith, Olsen Kate Jones

The Husband and the Parrot

JABIRLuke Douglas
AMINA, Jabir’s wifeTesch Jerles
ZANUBA, parrotCaroline Radcliff
TUFAIL, servantCopeland Ammann
AKBAR, servantDenson Martin
ALI, servantMadison McMickle

The Devoted Israelite

YASIN, devoted IsraeliteAvery Zebell
KHADIJA, Yasin’s wifeCaroline Sutton
SAYYID, twin daughterEmily Garnett
SAAD, twin daughterAbby Garnett
FISHMONGERDewayne Banks Jr.
HASSAN, jewelerMadison Wiggins
MAHMUD, messenger of God in disguiseAnnalee Appling

The Donkey Driver and the Two Thieves

SHAWKAT, thiefCaroline Hague
KHALIL, thiefAnna Roddenberry
IBRAHIM, simple-minded farmerFaith Tinkey

Bryant Beall, Hunter Kunzelmann, Reece Paganelli

The Fisherman and the Genie

BHARAT, weary fishermanRichon Watson
SHAHIDA, Bharat’s wifeKirsten Beach
ANJUM, daughterPorter Bolles
EMINA, daughterSara Parker Ware
LELIA, daughterMeghan Chamlee
GENIEMadalyn Ammann

The Carpet Weaver’s Magic Tale

CASSIM, carpet weaverNicholas Shealy
MORIGANA, Cassim’s wifeMolly Smith
SEEMA, spoiled daughterMeghan McKinney
HAROUN AL RASHID, shady characterAbigail Pierce
GHASSAN COGIA, Haroun’s palRuth Samuel