Congratulations to everyone!  Thanks for your patience as I finished up my run of Annie

We have an amazing cast of voices!  Please remember that this is an ensemble show like no other. You will all be extremely busy on stage.  Please read the entire list – some people are playing more than one role.  If you auditioned and do not see your name, please let me know.  I cast everyone, so if you’re not listed here I just mistyped the list.

There are a number of small roles that will be cast from within the company as we go along (The Ishmaelites, for example.)

First rehearsal is Monday, December 13, 5:30-8:00 PM (that’s tomorrow for most of you reading this, I assume.)  Please double-check the time – it’s a bit shorter than I original told you on the information sheet.  We will “listen-through” the show, discuss various important matters, and learn a little music.

NarratorAdriana Figueroa
JosephMichael Money
JacobSamuel Douglas
ReubenMichael Bragg
SimeonZach Shealy
Levi (Soloist: One More Angel...)Jeremy G. Greene
NapthaliJeremy Bullard
Issachar (Soloist: Benjamin Calypso)Tyler Lewis
Asher (Soloist: Those Canaan Days)Connor Tolbert
DanPearce Groover
ZebulonNicholas Shealy
GadCullen Cummings
BenjaminChancellor Newsome
JudahLuke Douglas
PotipharZach Shealy
Potiphar’s WifeTBA (Determined by dance ability)
ButlerSamuel Douglas
BakerJeremy Bullard
PharaohMichael Bragg

Featured Girls (“The Sisters”)
Colby Watson, Lily Garnett, Sydney Causey,
Olivia Newsome, Mary Margaret Smith, Taylor Garrison, Macy Turner, Katie Huggins, Anna Daly Bullard,
Courtney Carr, Meredith Pierce, Laura Harrison,
Anna Gainey, Kristen Hobbs, Caroline Sutton

Head Wives (Ensemble Leaders)
Maisy McDonald, Claire Carter,
Victoria Van Huss, Martha Banner Banks, Grace Young

Jackson Slade, Morgan Curtis, Hunter Layton,
Richon Watson, Savannah Lee, Lauren Kennedy,
Kate Mixon, Ansley Woods, Kirsten Beach, Megan Huggins, Anna Roddenberry, Mckenzie Thistlewood, Caroline Hague, Gibson Daniel, Abby Garnett,
Olivia Johnston, Madison Busbee, Kendall Herron,
Danielle Bullard, Lucy Lawhon

If you weren't online earlier, this is what I originally posted instead of the real cast list (although I thought up a better one for Courtney and changed it):

Camel List

Gary the Lisping CamelJeremy G. Greene
Spitty the Mute CamelJeremy Bullard
Shank the Violent CamelAdriana Figueroa
Twitch the Awkward CamelCourtney Carr
PeopleEveryone Else