Everyone who auditioned has made the cast of Godspell!  Congratulations! 

First rehearsal will be Tuesday, January 3, 5:30-8:00 PM.  We need to do a read & listen-through and start learning the music.  Please drop by my office on Friday to pick up a CD to listen to over break.

Note: Final solo assignments will be made during music rehearsals in January.  Some are listed following the character names below.  Some of the remaining solos will be picked up by the named characters; others will be taken by the Featured Disciples.

JesusMichael Money
John the Baptist/JudasConnor Tolbert
Joanne (Bless the Lord, By My Side)Lily Garnett
Robin (Day by Day)Katie Huggins
Sonia (Turn Back, O Man)Anna Daly Bullard
Gilmer (Learn Your Lessons Well)Courtney Carr
Peggy (By My Side)Maisy McDonald
HerbThomas Strickland
Jeffrey (We Beseech Thee)Alex Newberry
LamarHunter Layton

The Philosophers
(Please note: there are several different versions of the opening number of Godspell.  Depending on which version I choose, the names and characters in this section may change.  The performers, however, will stay the same. )

SocratesMary Lanphier
AcquinasJoshua Shealy
Da VinciMary Margaret Smith
EdwardsTesch Jerles
GalileoChancellor Newsome
WilliamsonMegan Huggins
SartreCarine Cerny
HubbardCullen Cummings

Featured Disciples
Mary Lanphier, Joshua Shealy,
Mary Margaret Smith, Tesch Jerles,
Laura Harrison, Chancellor Newsome,
Megan Huggins, Carine Cerny,
Cullen Cummings, Taylor Garrison, Claire Carter

Lindsay Turner, Martha Shiver, Ariel Fortson,
Evan Correa, Olivia Johnston, Lauren Kennedy,
Virginia Gray, Anna Roddenberry, Riley Warren,
Faith Marie Engle, Abby Garnett, Cecilia Bullard,
Danielle Bullard, Lucy Lawhon, Meghan Chamlee,
Dylan Bridges, Nicholas Shealy, Will Reeves,
Jacob Cardis, Richon Watson, Luke Douglas