Thank you for your extreme patience (or at least for not shanking me for taking so long – you know who you are).  This was a particularly hard cast list to put together.  I decided to opt for some non-traditional casting.  One male role will be portrayed by an actress.  Some of you will be playing roles quite a bit older than you.  I will explain how everything works at the first rehearsal.  I am very pleased with the quality of this cast.  Prepare yourselves now for a very intense month of work as we prepare a powerful, difficult play.

The full cast is called on Wednesday, March 21, for a read-through and discussion.  We will meet from 3:45-5:45 PM.

Please note: I had a mistake on the original cast list.  Lundy and Abby's roles were incorrectly listed.  Sorry for my mess up!

Cast List
(in order of appearance)

Betty ParrisEvan Correa
Reverend Samuel ParrisHunter Layton
TitubaAriel Fortson
Abigail WilliamsKatie Huggins
Susanna WallcottLauren Kennedy
Ann PutnamCourtney Carr
Thomas PutnamSeth Van Huss
Mercy Lewis Caroline Hague
Mary WarrenMaisy McDonald
John ProctorAlex Newberry
Rebecca NurseMegan Huggins
Giles CoreyCullen Cummings
Reverend John HaleConnor Tolbert
Elizabeth ProctorAnna Daly Bullard
Francis NurseBarret Ham
Ezekiel CheeverRichon Watson
John WillardJacob Cardis
Judge HathornNicholas Shealy
Deputy-Governor DanforthLily Garnett
Sarah GoodAbby Garnett
HopkinsConnor Bridges
GuardDylan Bridges
Martha CoreyLundy Lader

Accusing Girls
Lundy Lader, Abby Garnett